Study Break

{this wonderful photo is by eye2eye on flickr}

Almost finished with this school year.  I just need to buckle down and focus and then it will all be done.  I need to write a paper.  Which isn't so bad, I just hate researching.
Any horror stories of school you wanna share?  I would like the light hearted distraction!



Anonymous said...

Haha I've got a horror story for ya!
Two weekends ago I stayed up ALL Sunday night- not one teeny bit of shut eye- working on a paper...which i never fully finished. It was supposed to be four pages and mine was only three :(
I'm very nervous to get my grade back!

J. said...

I saw your blog off of Taza blog. Feel in love instantly. So fun, so artsy, so refreshing. Thanks for your cute comment!! I have way too many stories of procrastination and paper writing ahhh. I just had one last week. You'll get through, and then have cause for celebration! Good luck:)

abigail said...

I finished grad school almost 4 years ago, but the other night I had a dream that I was taking a test about films about flowers in a film class, given by a professor I never had, who didn't teach film and that I was trying to cheat off of my friend Andy.
It was so weird to have a test related anxiety dream after years out of school!
I love this photo!