Confession #1: I love harmonicas and any other good pickin' fun

{This is from TJ Scott on Flickr}

Reading through my blog, I noticed something: there is only a part of myself written up on here.  There are other parts of me that really make me...me.  So I thought of something.  As a new practice with myself in life, I have decided to notice things about myself and write them down.  So each week I will share something new about myself on this blog that none of you guys know about me.  Some of these should come as a surprise.

This week?
I love harmonias.  In fact, it is probably my favorite instument.  It's not the saxophone, as I have led most of you to believe because a) that is the instrument I play and b) it's jazz!  The reason the saxophone is not as cool as the harmonica is because you can't just stick it in your pocket and rip it out when you feel like jammin out.  You can do that with a harmonica.

Jazz is great and I LOVE to dance to it, but really, the back porch rhythms is my heart.  I can drive to the for longs period of time.  Just through in an accordian, a banjo, and bass, and a few washboards and you can steal my heart {kidding.}

You all know that I love Bob Dylan {who doesn't?}.  Why?  Because of his harmonica.

I can't help it I'm a sucker for those things.


ps: I want your confession as well.  It can be anything.  Interesting.  Uninteresting.  Funny.  Sad.  It doesn't matter.

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Eve said...

oh i play alto saxophone too. my favorite instrument <3 ^__^ and harmonica is cool too...always wanted to play that. i know trumpet n oboe a little too. instruments rock! hehe