Confession #2: My biggest insecurity is my neck

{This is from unravelling susanna's photostream on flickr.  beautiful isn't it?}

I promised I would keep up this confessinal and have decided to try to do it for 52 weeks straight.

I have a super long neck.  Like really long.  And sometimes I like having it.  It is especially conenient for head on shoulder sessions.  But sometimes I don't like having it.  Sometimes I wish my neck were just like everyone else's.

But maybe I just need to remind myself that having a long neck is great for ballet {at least, that is what my ballet teacher would say all the time}.

What makes you self-conscience?


ps I used to want to be a rockette but I am too tall {their height limit I think is 5'9'' and I am probably 6 feet.}


Eve said...

wow. u are tall ...my insecurity is my height...i am short 5'1" =(
and i hate it but I am trying to accept the fact I will remain this height awww :(

Julia McAlpine said...

I'm insecure about my chin. I feel like it ruins my side profile and my boyfriend jokes about it all the time. It's a circular little ball of a chin and I feel like it makes me look extra juvenile or something.

Long necks are a mark of beauty in many cultures! Some women wear rings around their necks from a young age in some countries to lengthen their necks as they grow )