April Showers Bring May Flowers

Funny because it's raining right now.

{This photo is by salala817 on flickr}

I thought a dogwood would go nicely because "The American President" was on last night {I love that movie} because he tries to get her a dogwood flowers because it is the Virginia state flower.

Maryland's is the blackeyed susan.  All of our official state symbols are color corridinated.  That's why Maryland is far superior to anyother state {I kid}.

And Florida's is the orange blossom.  Which makes sense.  Everything is orange this orange that in Florida.

What's your state flower?



nicole addison said...

awesome blog! i loved your list on naomi's rockstar diaries. nc's state flower is the dogwood...woot woot!

The Naked Wife said...

Oklahoma has a state flower (Oklahoma rose), a state floral emblem (mistletoe) and a state wildflower (Indian blanket).

The mistletoe still confuses me.

Hanako66 said...

what a beautiful photo:)

we have the california poppy:)

Eve said...

hehe yea. actually here it is raining right now on may 1st >__> and will be showering for a whole week! :O so i guess may showers bring may flowers too xD