Dreams of the Weekend

I slept for 11 hours last night...like a log.  Boy, was I tired from all the Thanksgiving happenings.  I ate out twice yesterday.  Once for breakfast at this Mom and Pop dive of a place all the locals to.  And then for dinner at this great Italian place I had no idea about.  But last night, as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was asleep.
{This photo is by krisatomic on flickr.}

I am salivating over Anthropologie for the holidays
Do give me lip
A cynical gift for kids
And on the top of my list is this book



The Other Black Friday

Black Friday is really the infamous 1929 stock market crash. Am I right or am I right? I am not going shopping (4 AM at Kohls...no thanks). But here's a little Black Friday photo (sort of...ish).

{This is by Amanda Lim on flickr.}

ps: I reached 1000 hits today.


Good Morning, Sunshine

It was so nice this morning to wake up in my own bed. I didn't realize how much I missed this place. It's so quaint. I did some errands this morning You can't go anywhere without seeing someone you know (I saw two people).

{This photo that oddly looks a lot like my bedroom is by yyellowbird on flickr.}

Here's a blog that I absolutely adore.
Feeling Grey?
Which reminds me: click
Te veo luego
{If you were Colombian, that's how you would say see you later}


Hello, Sunny Floridians!

That's what I said to my brother and his fiance when they picked me up at the airport yesterday. Yep, that's right: I flew down to Florida for Thanksgiving! Oh, how I missed the warmth. It is about 72 degrees out and Bethany said she was cold. I was hot.
We're going over to her parents' house for Thanksgiving meal.
It's good to be back, even if it is just for this short time.

{This photo is by littlegirlblue on flickr}

Where are you spending your Thanksgiving?



Happy {Special} Weekend

There is the photo on flickr that put a grin on my face.  Here's the story: I once had a leaf like this on my windshield and I thought it was pretty, but kept on driving. Then almost 20 miles later at my destination I saw it was gone. When I got out of the car, it was still stuck on on of the side windows. The leaf is now safely tucked in my journal.  Do you have any special memory to share?

{This special photo is by harpy on flickr}

Goodies for this weekend:
A great blog that is a good read and lookbook.
Another fun place {p.s. I love the banner...colored glass *le sigh*}
Here's a great Christmas gift *hint hint*
Doesn't this look cozy?

{that's goodbye in Hungarian}


Snowing in Baltimore

Everytime I see snow for the first time of the year I think of this episode we had video taped when I was much younger of Winnie the Pooh. Christopher is excited about the first snow of the year. Guess what I just spotted outside the aparment window?
Flurries, really.  Not enough to play in. But still. Maybe we'll have a white Christmas.

{I found this photo via gorbot's photostream on flickr}

Speaking of snow: On the front of my Chemistry book way back in the tenth grade, was a magnified picture of a snow flake.  Very similar to this.

{That's goodbye in Icelandic}

Nothing {to Wear}

Do you ever have those days where you look at your closet and it feels absolutly drab? Well today is one of those days. Actually, last night all of my muted colored clothes were dirty and I needed to wear layers. So I ended up wearing a yellow thermal and my lucky red tee (I took the SATs in it). I looked like McDonalds!

{This awesome vintage photo is from by golly molly on flickr.}

Meanwhile: do you think I could pull off this neat-o bag for a laptop? Probably not. But it is so worth dreaming.

I've been waiting to buy these fun things for someone, but I may just have to get them for myself.

Au Revoir!


You Say It's Your Birthday!

Two very important people in my life share a birthday today! My father (who can now get cheap coffee at McDonalds) and my brother's fiance, Bethany. Happy Birthday, you two!
{I found the photograph via PEEJ0E on flickr}



It's getting cold outside, which means more layers!

{This photo is by littlegirlblue on flickr}

Guess who's turning twenty-three!