It's Official.

I told coco+kelly that I will not talk about the rumored Domino Magazine closing until they announced it themselves.  Well, I got that fated email and I swear to you, I didn't cry, though I really wanted to.  They were tactful and even though they evolved themselves to the eviroment around them {such as the economy}, they never lost sight of their original purpose.  So, as I turn to Elle Decor as my last support of Glossy home inspiration {RIP Blueprint}, I say,  Fare thee well.  I will miss you.

{This is by Liquid Paper on flickr}
Ciao, baby.


New Amsterdam

So there was this show called New Amsterdam about this guy who was immortale since the sixteen hundreds.  Joanna Goddard published a post that reminded me of this show {it was good until it got cancelled, which was a huge bummer as you can imagine}.  Everything about the show was so creative and well done.  John Amsterdam {a play on New York's original name, and he changed his name every twenty years or so} was currently a homicide detective.  With each case, it somehow related to his past.  So it would flash back to the twenties or coloniel times {it was a real eyecandy for a history buff like me}.  I remember loveing, I mean realllyy loveing the theme song.  There was also this one scene that was great, too.  So here it is Joanna:

The Scene:

The Theme:

Ward, I am Very Worried About Beaver {Weekly Etsy Finds}

Okay, okay...I know.  I haven't been on here to really post in a good while.  And I could make excuses like I have been sick as a dog, busy with school, and with church.  But I won't.  Instead I will just treat you with a little June Cleaver.  I am not much of a domestic fan, though I am NOT, I repeat, NOT a feminist.  I think a man deserves to have a supportive wife; my mom resigned from her high status job when I was three to take care of us.  But she was no June Cleaver {I do not believe that a wife has to stay in the kitchen or whatever.  She gets to have options, too, whatever they may be: to stay at home or to work}.  She filled it with music, movies, books, and fun {I stole that little quote from Gilmore Girls from Rory's valedictorian speech}.  Just before bedtime, she would read my two older brothers and I Roald Dahl books such as Matilda and BFG and my personal favorite: James in the Giant Peach.  So this week, with the superbowl and all, I am going to pay a tribute to mothers who chose to stay home {I believe Joanna Goddard's mother did the same as my mother, if I am not mistaken}.  So, behold: Aprons!
Because it is superbowl, many men like to take on the more manly jobs such as grilling the burgers *cue Tim Allen grunt* or doing the chilli.  And it is usually up to the women to do the rest whether it is simply to just lay out chips and salsa or to go all out with pigs in blankets and mini pizzas.  So, whether you are a regular June Cleaver or you're a Working Girl, I am sure these aprons will raise your pretty little eyebrows {unless you're Woopie Goldberg}.

1. Woodland Mushroom Apron
by: Mary Ink
$15.00 {+shipping}
Dish: Funyuns and Brick Oven Pizza
Most people who know me personally know I have a thing for mushrooms.  I don't know, they're so cute.  Remember the dancing mushrooms in Fantasia?  That's what I think of.  Though the price is a little much, and other than the mushrooms, there isn't anything special about it.  But if you want basic with whimsy, then here you go.

2. Bessie Bride to be Apron
by: malphi
Sold Out
Dish: Apple Pie

Yes, this apron is sold out as of January fifth.  However, I do hope this comes back, as well as the maker.  I just adore it!  Probably not very "superbowl", but that's okay.

3. 1920s Reproduction
by: The Way We Wear
$30.00 {+shipping}
Dish: Wheat thins, white cheddar, and cocktail olives {yum!}
I love the twenties.  Enough said.

4. Ladies's Classic Apron
by: Wonderland Ave.
$20.00 {+shipping}
Dish: Pigs in Blankets and Mac n Cheese
Simple, lovely, and floral.  All a girl wants in an apron {plus two little pockets}!

5. Rose Silk Apron with Organza Fill
by: Hopeless
$90.00 {+shipping}
Dish: Petit fours, cucumber sandwiches, scones, tea
You'll be paying a pretty penny for this little apron, but rest assured, it is well taylored.  I had to do a lot of filtering when searching for the perfect apron {because they are easy to make}, and this one jumped out at me.  Granted, it probably won't do much when cooking, more something you wear to look in the mirror.  Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, I think I dig it, despite the price tag.

6. My Favorite: Cafe Apron
by: Down Home Amy
$40.00 {+shipping}
Dish: Good Ol Chili


This is by far my favorite.  I am not fusy and I don't want something I am going to get dirty anyway to be fussy, either.  It is simple with a lovely little cupcake to spice things up.

That's it.

Bon Appetite!


Bicycle Race

I have this love for bicycles that is unexplanable. Just their whole concept, the way they work, their aesthetic, and so on. It is actually kind of ironic because I didn't learn how to ride a bicycle until I was about eight or nine years old. I have this photograph of me in the Easter Sunday dress riding this bicycle down the street because I was so proud that I had learned how to ride. Here is a collection of bicycle photographs.





{credit and credit}






And the photo that inspired this post:

Have a good one!


Snow Woe Woe Woe

I woke up this morning to it fluering outside. Now it is really collecting. I figured I could go to the park after I indulge myself in some Five Guys.  I love snow.

{photo by i.anton on flickr}


ps sorry I have been lacking on the posts, still suffering a little head cold.


The Lion


Okay, so I found this amazing blog.  Don't ask me how, I just stumbled upon it somehow.  I am in love.  Here's the concept: when a photo fits a song or a song fits a photo.  Yeah, amazing concept right?  When I opened the website up, the most recent post happened to feature Bob Dylan's version of "A Man of Constant Sorrow."  I looked through the pages and saw pictures that made me think "Hey!  There's Clint Eastwood" or "That's the photo of Bullitt I had on my blog" or "Is that Zooey Deschanel" and then soon after, "Hey, there she is again."  Then when I played started paying attention to the songs {it took a moment to realize that there were songs to go along}, I though "A oui, La Valse D'amelie is a lovely song" and "Haha, the Ramones," and "Cooollll...the National.  Great Stuff," and when I saw Charles Trenet, I knew it was a match made in heaven. If a site gets me to think all these great things, then they are doing good.

The song taste is brilliant and the photos are perfectly matched.  bottom line: I am in love. 

Dying to know the site: okay, here it is.

I will be going back.  Soon.  Every day, possibly.

{This one is my favorite, it goes with one of my favorite Dylan songs, It's All Over Now, Baby Blue}

By The Way, the new song is by Bobby Darin {originally in French by Charles Trenet called La Mer}. That is not Frank Sinatra. Some people just don't know.



My Baltimore Video Series

Oh, I love Baltimore. And I found this video series because of my excitment for the Edgar Allen Poe BiCentennial.

Just Watch:

David Simon, Creator of The Wire, Talks About His Baltimore

Cal Ripkin Jr. Talks About His Baltimore

Jose Villarrubia, a MICA Professor, Talks About His Baltimore

And Laura Lippman, a Crime Novelist, Talks About Her Baltimore {This is the one I found on the Edgar Allen Poe site.

Happy Birthday Poe!


Under The Weather

{This photo is by i.anton on flickr}

If you are wondering about the lack of posts, it is due to my dire need to catch every cold that comes around.  I am sick: aching, coughing, the works.  I hope I feel better so I can continue to post as soon as possible.

Here's a video to cheer me up: WATCH IT


Tea, I Drink With Jam and Bread {Weekly Etsy Finds}

So it's getting colder.  Sure, coffee is great for a morning boost, but at night when your sitting by the fire with a good book, a great cup of tea would be devine.  And what is tea without an amazing tea cup?  I have matched each teacup with a book.  Here are my weekly Etsy finds:

1. Moustache Tea Cup and Saucer- Silver Rim
by Suryasajnani
$12 {+shipping}
Book: The Importance of Being Earnest
Most People probably know that Oscar Wilde was quite the dandy.  In fact, he was probably created the word.  What is a dandy? you ask.  A dandy is a man who is very concerned in his appearance.  But there is nothing campy about him.  What I think of when I hear the word dandy is a man with a top hat, a moustache {much like this one}, and a dire need to curl it with his finger everytime he delights himself with his gift of wit.  Just to clear things up: click on this.

2. Elegant, Hand painted Personalized Cup
by Hilaria Galleries
$10 {+shipping}
Book: Anne of Green Gables
When I was younger, my mother used to read Anne of Green Gables to me all the time.  We were probably the ones responsible for the library VHS to skip because we rented it so much.  There is something so quaint about Anne it is hard to describe.  This mug does it well, though.

3. Anchor Medium Cup
by Andrea Yates
$12 {+shipping}
Book: Master and Commander
Okay, I admit.  I have only seen the movie.  It's my Navy brother's top books and movies.  If a man in your life urges you to give it a try, I am sure these Vintage Navy China Inspired cups would be good company.

4. Canyon Cowboy Tea Cup
by Esther Coombs
$60 {+shipping}
Book: A Walk Two Moons
A Walk Two Moons was {and still is} my favorite book as a fifth and sixth grader.  I reread it not to long ago and fell in love with its story all over again.  It is quite lovely: you will laugh, cry, and even find your chest begin to collide at its climax.  This regional tale {bias toward Western culture} is simple yet beautiful just like this lovely little teacup.

5. Tea Bag Tea Spoon Cup and Saucer
by Bailey Doesn't Bark
$53 {+shipping}
Book: My Fair Lady
My favorite Audrey Hepburn movie and currently on my bookshelf.  My Fair Lady is just as fun to read as it is to watch.  My copy of the play twice as old as I am, so it could use a little repair.  Still, though there is something so satirical and lighthearted about this nautrally decadent tail.  A Grand Laugh!  Just like this teacup.

6. Typewriter Monogram Mugs
by Berd and Bee
$20 {+shipping}
Book: Fahrenheit 451
Did you know the point of this book was not to oppose censorship, but so Ray Bradbury could express his devote love for libraries and books against the developing media?  It's true.  And it makes me adore the book more than I did the first time I read it.  Great mugs.  I want one myself.  You will be seeing Berd and Bee on my blog again, no doubt about it.

7. Clover Cup, frost
by Kieffer Ceramics
$56 {+shipping}
Book: Pride and Prejudice
What goes together better than a cup of tea and Jane Austen?  Nothing!  Curl up with the best girl book in the universe {in my humble opinion} and this teacup.  It is bound to be a lasting relationship.  Can't you just imagine Elizabeth and Jane having their tea together with this set of teacups?  I can.

8. My Favorite Lotus Tea Cup
by soule
$34 {+shipping}
Book: The Time Traveler's Wife
This book is probably one of the greatest love stories of our time.  There is that elegance yet modernist feel about it.  Lovely, yet not over done like the Regency time period Jane Austen lived in.  It has to have that feel: Henry is forced to travel to different time periods, often leaving Clair alone.  Their encounters are impossible to tell you about.  Just read the book.  With this amazingly gorgeous teacup.  {ps, Rachel McAdams is Clair in the film adaptation}



My Own Color Predictions: A Look At History {and modes of transportation}

This post is extremely photo heavy and took me forever to compile.  So, that said, I hope you enjoy.

So, as most of you probably know, Coco+Kelley is doing this wonderful Color Predictions Segment.  I decided, since my favorite color combination didn't show up, that I should do my own.  I hope she doesn't mind I use her idea for a post, :).

Okay, here it is.  I'm a bit of an Anglophile and I guess my color set will reflect that.  It's the classic Oxford University Colors and British Racing Green {BRG}.  {For the BRG click here, here, and here}.  The color BRG was established in the early 1900s and became popular in the twenties.  By the fourties, it was an automotive staple.  There are many different variations of BRG, but the truest is close to a forest green.  And here's a splash of Oxford Navy.  I think its history is pretty clear.

I posted a photo a few months ago that will perfectly display the combination.  {Ironincally, this picture was taken at Niagra Falls and not in the UK.}  Here is is:

Okay, taking this photo for what it is: the muted colored fabrics and old boots {very Amish of course, but also a little Anglo-esque, as well}, its not just the colors but the styling as well.  The ridged conservatism yet its natural and unrefined state {a little sloppy, work clothes.}  Their buttons and all buttoned to the very top, their shoe laces are snug, their suspenders are all fastened and holding up their trousers {sorry, a little Brit jargon}, but their is still something very lax about it.  The boy on the end has his jacket just kind of slung over his shoulder.  Nothing deliberate.  And that is what this is about.

What comes to mind, to really display the culture and time period I am talking about is Keira Knightly's costume in Atonement.  No, not that dress.  It was magical, yes.  And the right color, yes.  But it isn't everyday like my example.  Here it is:
See?  Buttons and hair and makeup are all straitened and neat, but there is still that same lax about it.  {This was a 2007 movie}

It was the everyday wear of school boys and girls.  There were regulations, but because of its run of the mill, it became routine and thrown on.  In the early fourties, fashion, for most people, became just a statement of utility.  With the colors of the uniforms for the Royal Navy, Royal Army, and Royal Air Force, it was as if the women and men on the homefront's wardrobe was dictated.  Imagine: the London Blitz, strict regulations, and many soldiers still filling London Hospitals {often transformed from schools and office buildings}, concern with every detail was probably impossible.

And an example of not colors, but an archive of what school children looked like:

Here's a Flickr fashionista {that's what I call them} example:
Look at her collar, her dress, and her cardigan.  Very together.  Very sloppy.  Perfect colors for my example.

Here is a women with that look:

But then, what happens when the even truer and more fashionable colors of the time period are added?  Here: dark green, navy, garnet, and gold.  The colors of the early and mid 1940s.  Garnet and Gold were worn by primarily women probably to stand out, just like red lipstick.  My movie example again includes Keira Knightly which is the 2008 Brit Movie, The Edge of Love.  Everything about it is absolutely lovely.  In the two pictures I have shown, they are on a beach in Wales {I believe}.


There it is: that pulled together yet open look.  If I accomplish this in my lifetime, I will be surely pleased.  Keira plays the fictional/non fictional Vera Williams.  Dylan Thomas, famous poet is played by Mathew Rhys.

It is coming apparent to me that colors often parallel those of transportation.

Moving on the the gold:
Sienna Miller is Dylan Thomas's wife, Caitlin MacNamara.  The yellow of Keira's Sweater {actually both of them wear it in the film} is that familiar classic yellow.  It's an old yellow when you see it on nursing home tenants, but on a young person, it is absolutely devine.

The mustardy hue is very close {and was popular because} this US Marine plane:
and this

Now, let's move forward about twenty or thirty years later:
Yes, Annie Hall {my favorite romantic-comedy}.  Now, Diane Keaton's wardrobe in Annie Hall has often been imitated {guilty as charged} and sometimes its a dog-gone travesty.  But, for once, I'm not just talking Annie Hall's clothes.  Woody Allen's, too {it's funny how for some people I use their character name and others I use their real name}.  The sixties and seventies seem to have that Oxford navy, British Racing Green, Maroon/Garnet, and Gold/Yellow revival.  Though, it isn't as rigid as the wardrobe's in the 1940's, it still has that lack of refinement.  Nice and understated.

Annie Hall {done in 1977} is not my only movie example.  Back to British Racing Green {remember, women: if you say BRG to a guy, they are sure to be impressed}.  The color even made a striking come back to its mainstream popularity through its routes: cars.  One of my favorite movie cars {not much of a Mustang girl, though} was Steve McQueen's in Bullitt {1968}.
{Both of these movies were filmed during the said time period, so I don't feel a need to add vintage photos.}

Look at this flickr photo for a sort of mix of the 70s and 40s.  It is lovely.

So, the colors: Oxford Navy, British Racing Green, Garnet, and Gold all from the fourties then to move on to the sixties and seventies and hopefully shoot their way to the twenty-first century.  But it isn't just the colors {or we would have a team of rugby players}.  It's the way they are worn.
Call me old fashioned, but I think these forgotten colors are staging a comeback!

Extreme thanks to Library of Congress for research.  And to Coco+Kelley for the constant stream of inspiration.


ps, if you can't tell already, I am this huge brit military history buff {or nerd, either one}.


Music Room

I have always had such a girl crush on Zooey Deschanel, but this is over the top.  Domino Magazine did a feature on her and her music room!  I can't help but wonder if this is where her and M. Ward come up with their ideas.  Probably not.  {Plus, I endulged myself with some Bones last night, goood episode.}

I just can't get over her style.  {Is it just me or is that a hairband crease on her arm?}

So lovely.  I love how even sound proof walls can be stylish.

Again: the little details.

this is my favorite of them all.

Anyway, I'm in love.  Cheers!