Calendar Girl {Weekly Etsy Finds}

Part of my New Year's Resolution was to add a Etsy section to my blog.  Each Monday, I will compile my Etsy finds with an overall theme {that should tie into what that week is all about}.  For each theme, scarves, for example, I will find the best quality, most stylish, and afordable on Etsy.  This week I am ever appropriatly doing Etsy 2009 Calendars which come in all forms and styles.  {My favorite will get two pictures.}

1. 2009 Print, Cut, Assemble Calendar
by A Little Hut
$4.99 {no shipping!}
This one stuck out to me because it is a DIY project to enjoy {and you know how much I love DIY}.  You can choose your own fabric to add a personal touch.  It's minimal while still lovely.  Downloadble in PDF, this already aforable calender is free of shipping {!}.

2. Print and Give- 2009 Printable Calendar
by Little Brown Pen
Sold Out {I am still hoping she will bring it back!}
What can I say?  The simple and lovely calendar {sold out D=} is one of my favorites.  I just love the little illustrations on each month!

3. Bicycle Calendar - Silk Screen
by Miriam Dema
$20.00 {+shipping}
Though a little on the expensive side, I do love my bicycles.  I would have given this to my brother for his birthday if the price were a little lower.  But isn't it neat?

4. 2009 - 8.5 x 11 Calendar
by F2 Images
$12.00 {+shipping}
It is nice to have a least one annual calendar for the kitchen or office.  It comes in four designs: Typewriter3 {shown}, Once, Lazy Summer, and Goldfinch {horizontal}.

5. 2009 Screen/Gocco Printed Botanical Calendar
by Anna Cote
$22.00 {+shipping}
Finally! A small desk calender {I could never find a day calendar}.  Each month has its own botanical design.  I love the designs, don't you?

6. My favorite Bodoni Typography Wall Calendar 2009
by Oven Door Owl
$16.00 {+shipping}

This one is by far my favorite, no doubt about it.  Its modern design, cool font on the calendar part, and lovely colors all make for one awesome calendar. 

Photo note: all photos belong to their rightful owners.  The photos have been color edited by me.  Please note that my edits are for pure aesthetic reasons.  For the true colors, seek the source.


Nikki said...

I love number five! It's very fresh and wintery and springy at the same time.
I just discovered your blog and I love it. I run a review blog so I think this is going on my to review list.

theyellowbucket said...

love the bicycle one!

Lauren K said...

Love love looooove those bicycle calendars. So fabulous!