New Amsterdam

So there was this show called New Amsterdam about this guy who was immortale since the sixteen hundreds.  Joanna Goddard published a post that reminded me of this show {it was good until it got cancelled, which was a huge bummer as you can imagine}.  Everything about the show was so creative and well done.  John Amsterdam {a play on New York's original name, and he changed his name every twenty years or so} was currently a homicide detective.  With each case, it somehow related to his past.  So it would flash back to the twenties or coloniel times {it was a real eyecandy for a history buff like me}.  I remember loveing, I mean realllyy loveing the theme song.  There was also this one scene that was great, too.  So here it is Joanna:

The Scene:

The Theme:

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Joanna Goddard said...

Abby you are so cute!!! thank you so much for this!