Happy Weekend: Learn Some History

{This photo is by dandelion on flickr.}

Take a moment to learn something new this weekend.
Here's where to start:
Learn an interesting historical fact about your town.
Take a trip with all of your friends to an historically relivent restaurant and read the back of the menu.
Learn how to do the Charleston
Visit a place that has some childhood meaning to you.

There it is, the challenge.
Now DO IT!


Confession #2: My biggest insecurity is my neck

{This is from unravelling susanna's photostream on flickr.  beautiful isn't it?}

I promised I would keep up this confessinal and have decided to try to do it for 52 weeks straight.

I have a super long neck.  Like really long.  And sometimes I like having it.  It is especially conenient for head on shoulder sessions.  But sometimes I don't like having it.  Sometimes I wish my neck were just like everyone else's.

But maybe I just need to remind myself that having a long neck is great for ballet {at least, that is what my ballet teacher would say all the time}.

What makes you self-conscience?


ps I used to want to be a rockette but I am too tall {their height limit I think is 5'9'' and I am probably 6 feet.}


Happy Birthday, Katherine Hepburn


She'd be 102 {died at age 96}!

She was esquisite in "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" which she filmed when she was older.  My first Hepburn film was "African Queen".

What was your first Katherine Hepburn movie?



Confession #1: I love harmonicas and any other good pickin' fun

{This is from TJ Scott on Flickr}

Reading through my blog, I noticed something: there is only a part of myself written up on here.  There are other parts of me that really make me...me.  So I thought of something.  As a new practice with myself in life, I have decided to notice things about myself and write them down.  So each week I will share something new about myself on this blog that none of you guys know about me.  Some of these should come as a surprise.

This week?
I love harmonias.  In fact, it is probably my favorite instument.  It's not the saxophone, as I have led most of you to believe because a) that is the instrument I play and b) it's jazz!  The reason the saxophone is not as cool as the harmonica is because you can't just stick it in your pocket and rip it out when you feel like jammin out.  You can do that with a harmonica.

Jazz is great and I LOVE to dance to it, but really, the back porch rhythms is my heart.  I can drive to the for longs period of time.  Just through in an accordian, a banjo, and bass, and a few washboards and you can steal my heart {kidding.}

You all know that I love Bob Dylan {who doesn't?}.  Why?  Because of his harmonica.

I can't help it I'm a sucker for those things.


ps: I want your confession as well.  It can be anything.  Interesting.  Uninteresting.  Funny.  Sad.  It doesn't matter.


Make Up, We Make Things Up

{This is by Dawn{rise} Lewis on flickr}

May be making a trip to Sephora this weekend and I want some advice.  I am a usual MAKE UP FOREVER kind of gal, but I am trying to stay on budget.

Here's the question:
What makeup do you buy at Sephora that you like but won't break your budget?
What about just regular Sephora brand stuff?  I use their nailpolish but that is it.
What drug store products would you NEVER go without?

Thanks so much!  Can't wait to hear the responses!



Cause Thunder Comes After...LIGHTNING! Ca-chow!

yeah, that's from Cars.

{originally here}

The power went out.  Which was really random because there wasn't a huge thunderstorm, just really rainy.  It makes me want to crawl back in bed and watch Hitchcock all day long.  But I can't {see previous post}

infinite x's and o's

Study Break

{this wonderful photo is by eye2eye on flickr}

Almost finished with this school year.  I just need to buckle down and focus and then it will all be done.  I need to write a paper.  Which isn't so bad, I just hate researching.
Any horror stories of school you wanna share?  I would like the light hearted distraction!



Happy Weekend: Summer Is On Its Way

{This is by lovemyashby on flickr}

My summer vacation starts soon which means it's time to start deciding what is really going to happen this summer. Of course, there are always those things I do every summer such as my mother's family reunion. One weekend in July {usually about a week after my brithday}, all 100 or so of my mom's side of the family gathers to a cabin on a lake in Alabama. We laugh, cook, eat, play cards, go swimming in the lake, and all and all build lasting relationships with one another. It is really special, as I get older, to see how the older generations {or the older of my generation because my mom's mom was the youngest, our clan is much younger than the rest of the generation} are starting to treat me like a participating member of society. Also, now that I am older, I know it is important to reach out to the generation two years older because they have plenty of stories to share. All you have to do it just ask.

What is your favorite summer memories that you look forward to each summer? I would really like to know!

also, Naomi over at Rockstar Diaries was kind enough to include me in her happiness series!


And... We're Back!

For about thirty minutes the blog and alot of my settings pages were completely conked out.  It was really scary.  In case you came here during that thirty minutes or so, it wasn't your computer.  I don't know what the problem was but I did a quick search on the error and some angel told me how to fix it.  So I did.
Sorry for any inconvience.

infinite x's and o's

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Funny because it's raining right now.

{This photo is by salala817 on flickr}

I thought a dogwood would go nicely because "The American President" was on last night {I love that movie} because he tries to get her a dogwood flowers because it is the Virginia state flower.

Maryland's is the blackeyed susan.  All of our official state symbols are color corridinated.  That's why Maryland is far superior to anyother state {I kid}.

And Florida's is the orange blossom.  Which makes sense.  Everything is orange this orange that in Florida.

What's your state flower?