And... We're Back!

For about thirty minutes the blog and alot of my settings pages were completely conked out.  It was really scary.  In case you came here during that thirty minutes or so, it wasn't your computer.  I don't know what the problem was but I did a quick search on the error and some angel told me how to fix it.  So I did.
Sorry for any inconvience.

infinite x's and o's


Ruggy13 said...

Mine did the same thing and it kind of scared me!! Glad your back! I'm new to your blog by the way! Love it already!

abby said...

your happiness list was awesome. love your blog!

kate lines. said...

loved the list.

(i am the kate who was right below you.)

don't you love naomi?

Abbie L. said...

kate, oh yes! And I have recently been into your blog. Such an inspiration!