So I got off of work today all happy. Why you ask? I have the day off tomorrow! Maybe I can spend some time doing some weekly etsy finds. Anyway. Paper Flower Girl on flickr always does these moodboards that are always lovely.  I loved her newest one so much even before I realized the first one is a photo I took in France.  I felt so special.

Enough talk.  Here it is:



Love Letters

thanks for being so patient with my lack of posts.
here's a shout-out to St. V's day which is tomorrow:
{which by the way, has caused havoc in the mall today}
{photo by littlebluegirl on flickr.}

infinite x's and o's


Working Girl

I know I should be careful with that term because it is derogatory for...something else...but today I am using it.  Because I have a job.  Hostessing for a restaurant.  Please, inform me on your college job or funny experiences.  I would love to know!

{photo by jera on flickr}


Get Cozy {Weekly Etsy Finds}

It's cold so your iPods need a place to keep warm as well.  Since the Grammies are coming up, I figured I should do an iPod Cozy week.  I paired each cozy with a song that goes (for example, if you like this cozy, you'll like this song).  So here we go (ps I have no favorite this week):

1. iPhone/iPod Cozy
By Felted
$13.00 {+shipping}
Song: Four Leaf Clover- Badly Drawn Boy {click to view and listen}

2. iPod Pocket
By: Cottonville
$6.00 {+shipping}
Song: Mushaboom- Feist

3. Berry Blue Pocket
By: NataJane
$20.00 {+shipping}
Song: Weather the Weather- The Postmarks

4. Satusuma iSocket
By: Blythe King
$12.00 {+shipping}
Song: The Way We Get By- Spoon

5. Valentine Special- iPod Sleeve
By: Cipolla
$15.00 {+shipping}
Song: The Twist- Metric