Working Girl

I know I should be careful with that term because it is derogatory for...something else...but today I am using it.  Because I have a job.  Hostessing for a restaurant.  Please, inform me on your college job or funny experiences.  I would love to know!

{photo by jera on flickr}

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Mags said...

This is emcee from F18 :)

I've only ever had two serious jobs (and I'm 19, I know, how lame) but my very first job was working for an organic grocery store in the heart of downtown Vancouver. It was a lot of fun and the people I worked with were great. Though I have tons of funny moments, I think some of the best was helping Chris Tucker with his groceries (he bought like, 12 toothbrushes)...sucking helium before making store announcements...oh, and this ONE time this guy bought a toothbrush with an unusually large head and I was like "that's a really big toothbrush" and the guy said, "yeah, I can put really big things in my mouth" and there was a really, really awkward silence before we all just laughed for a really long time.

And once, a customer told me I had the best laugh he'd ever heard. That was nice too!

I'm gonna add your blog to my read list or whatever it's called on my blog!

P.S. I have noticed that the stories I have told in this post are kind of interconnected and have a similar underlying theme or subject as the previous memory. How odd.