A Little 2008 Recap

{this post was automatically published because I am on my road trip up the east coast.}
{This pretty photo I found via harpy's photostream on flickr.}

Here's a little 2008 recap for the last day of the year:
~My first {and not last} trip to Paris/Europe
~Moved to Baltimore
~Jammed out to Elvis Costello non-stop
~Learned I had dimples like my mom{if I smile real hard}
~Took my last breath in my stinky ol high school
~Had my hair french braided and learned I still looked like I was fourteen
~Laughed a lot
~Filled in my last SAT/AP exam bubble {*phew*}
~Pwned in Rook
~Swam in a lake
~Put on the old ballet shoes and did a few sloppy pirouette {I ingured my knee in tenth grade and hadn't danced since...until this year}
~Screamed my head off on the Mummy ride at Universal
~Became a dark chocolatte lover
~Realized I had a love for fashion and sewing {which also means I started this blog}

And well...the rest is history.



Stitch, Abbie, Stitch!

So, I am working on a cross stitch project.  I used to cross stitch when I was much younger, but now I am at it again.  I am starting simple {Coldplay X&Y album, anyone?} and going from there.  I'll show you the results when I am finished.  Meanwhile, have a wonderful rest of the holidays!  And Happy Weekend!



A Holiday Gift List of Inspiration: Late Elementary and Middle School Kids With Attitude

Not all of us have these people to give gifts to. Their age is tough. They deal with more politics {in the classroom}, their outer image, diversity, peer pressure, and learn more in an average school day than we do in a week. So, to help them stick it out just a few more years in the monotonous Harry Potter, Miley Cyrus, Cheetah Girls world, it would be great if they recieved gifts this Christmas that set them out from the crowd--in a good way.


Hope You Enjoy and more to come.


A Holiday Gift List of Inspiration: Brothers, Boyfriends, and Guy Pals

Here is a HOLIDAY GIFT LIST OF INSPIRATION I compiled of possible gifts for men of the younger age {20s-30s} for you. He's got to be a classy, quirky, tad bit of a nerd, but these gifts will sureley say, "Hey, you're a little off beat, but I like you and you deserve a gift that speaks to you."

Sidenote: I was going to have the picture be expandable, but my html skills are suffering at the moment.

There is more to come (girlfriends, fathers, mothers, the teen, etc.)
So, tell me what you think. Have I inspired you for last minute shopping (I haven't even done mine yet)? Give me feedback so it can help on future lists (hopefully to come tomorrow).



Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel

So, here it is: to an end it comes. Today I am packing all the cold weather wear into a suitcase to go back up to Baltimore. It will be sad. Yet good. Back to the noise that I have grown so used to sleeping to.

{Bubbo-Tubbo has this photo in her photostream on flickr}
Bon Voyage