Happy Weekend: Spotted.

{This photo is by Norma Tub on flickr}

Okay so Baltimore has its famous natives that have been known to stop by every now and then, a la John Waters.  Once, I even had a dream that Edward Nortan was the bagboy at the grocery mart and Mike Rowe {the "Dirty Jobs" guy} was my plumber.  I don't know if either of them ever come to Baltimore, but it was a pretty cool dream.

Spotting a famous person in Baltimore is bit different than in New York City.  A) New York as many times more famous people and B) New York is a part worldwide popular culture and Balimore is sort of an insider's culture and makes it more special when you see someone "famous".  I once saw Anthony Bourdain, a food journalist with a Gonzo twist, outside of Mo's seafood when I was driving down the road.  Sure enough, he mentions the restaurant in his opening sentence.  Once, even, my brother was on a plane with Cal Ripkin Jr. coming from Baltimore and headed to our tiny Florida town {who woulda thunk it?}.  He didn't want to alienate him, so he held his tongue.  He already had his autograph anyway, I guess.
It's a special thing when you see someone you recognize from somewhere big.

So the other day I was with a friend and we were walking in historic Fell's Point looking for something to eat.  It was a weird time of day, like 3 maybe 4, so the Sushi joint we wanted to go to was closed.  We decided to go to the Daily Grind and get smoothies or something {too hot for coffee}.  There is this one stretch of cobble stone street that is not friendly to pedestrians so we walk across to the other side of the street with the greatest of caution.

When we finally get to the other side, I take a breath and look to the side we just came from, noticing that construction is going nowhere with the old set of Homicide that they are planning to turn into a hotel of some sort.  Melinda comments on the jewelry shop on our current side and I look at the little cafe that is sitting on the corner we are standing at.  On the side of its building, there are the usual cafe-esque tables with umbrellas over them and sitting at the one closest to us is a group of people with papers, hunched backs, and some sort of mocha on ice.  These aren't "business" people in suits.  They are creative types working on their current project.  I know creative types when I see them because I am one myself.  Keep in mind this is all happening in a span of about 10 seconds, maybe shorter.  The blonde Sophia Copola woman who is facing toward me takes a sip of her coffee and nods as the man across from her says something.  The woman to her right is writing something down on her identical version of the paper "Sophia" has in front of her as well.  Both women aren't particularly glittery enough for me to take note at what I am looking at.

But as Melinda starts walking with me in tow, I notice the man has a querish posture.  His hand his at his head gracing his thinning hair.  His black turtle neck must have been hot, but when I saw it I noted how beatniky is was.  This is when it occurs to me who this is.  I never got conformation.  He never turned around to show off his awkwardly handsome face graced by a wonderful pencil-thin moustach.  But the back of his head was most definatly John Waters.

Unfortunatly, I remained silent and didn't say anything.  All I did was stare for a bit longer than normal and catche a grimacing expression from the waiter who was standing outside the doorway.  I was too chicken to say "Hey Melindaaaa, let's walk down this street and get a peek!"  Blasphemy!

When have you ever spotted someone famous in your town when you were just minding your own business?  Did you say anything?  Or did you silently die inside?

Your shy bird,

ps My dad once saw him about thrity years ago when we was at an ATM.
pps My friend saw him at the Penn Station


11 Things I Love About Summer, Part 1*


1. Reading whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want with no one expecting me to analyze Steinbeck's lengthy descriptions of the landscape.
2. Curling up in my bed {the cat is on my head at this point} with the AC down low to contrast with the hot day I just spent out on the beach {switch bed with couch, and add a couple of hours of Muder She Wrote, and you've got yourself the perfect afternoon on the beachside}.
3. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream running down my hand as I try my best to eat it before it is totally melted.
4. Wearing nothing but a bathingsuit and a sundress all day long.
5. My refusal to wear flipflops unless they have good arch support.  I would rather go barefoot.
6. The taste of Burt's Bees Lifegaurd's Choice on my lips.  And while we're at it, I love the smell of sunscreen and ocean salt.
7. Getting rid of my speedo tan.
8. How blonde my hair gets
9. Clothes hanging outside on the line to dry.
10. Swimming whenever I get the chance, in the ocean, the gulf, the harbor {only when skiing, I'm not that crazy}, the pool.  Anything.
11. Borrowing ten books from the library and only reading two of them.

I look Naomi's idea to do a feature where I want you to tell me in either an email or a comment 11 reasons {because summer is so good that I decided to kick it up to eleven} why you love summer.  Or what it is about summer that makes you smile and I will choose some to post on here.

*Part 1= what I know.  This year is my first full summer in Baltimore {as an adult}.  Last summer, I did spend some time here but it was mostly stuck in an office twittling my thumbs.  There will be a parts 2 and 3.

Your Dancing Bird,


Weekly Etsy Finds: Father's Day

My dad is not like other dads.  Sure, he works for a car business {Mini Cooper and BMW}, very manly, and likes to jam out to Pink Floyd, but he is actually quite a dandy.  Even though his father was a carpenter, he has a shed full of un touched tools; it's just not his thing.  He is particular about his shoes and looks like Indiana Jones {if only he could grow a moustache}.  In fact, when my parents first met for real, it was Halloween and he was dressed as Indy {my mom was a hillbilly with the that classic bathingsuit with shorts and stripes and a colored in tooth, she and her bff won the contest that night}.  He is a good cook and there was a while when he was Mr. Mom.  Also, he is a part of that clan that believes film > digital cameras.

Here is a list of gifts from Etsy that would be perfect for him or any other dad like mine.

1. Ferrari Authentic Gas Cap Paperweight
by RaceChairs
$249.99 {+shipping}

2. Rolling Stones Start Me Up Wall Clock
by RecordTime
$28.99 {+shipping}

3. Gourmet Spice Rub And BBQ Kit
by PurposeDesign
$16 {+shipping}

4. Another Man's Shoes
by WillowCreekSparrow
$22 {+shipping}

5. Classic Cooper Print
by Vitamini
$15 {+shipping}

6. My Favorite: Work it Camera
by BuyGollyMissMolly
$25 {+shipping}


NOTE: These photos do not belong to me; they are owned by the respective sellers.


Happy Weekend, Hon!

{This photo is from defekto's photostream on flickr}

My brother and I agree that Baltimore embraces ugliness.  Not the ugliness you think, but artistic ugliness.  You know, Campiness as opposed to Dandyness.

This weekend is the 2009 HonFest which I am going to for the first time.  This kind of makes up for not doing Halloween last year {which disappointed me greatly}.  What is required to complete the Hon look is a Beehive hairdo {They tried to make me go to rehab but I said...}, somesort of animal print of hibiscus print, horned glasses, and a great Bawlanerese accent.

I have the dress {zebra print}, the glasses, the accent, am going to do the hair, but no shoes!  That I am a bit worried about.  And my neck {which I have strained really badly from doing so many crafts, who woulda thought?}.  A few friends are going along with me and we are going to have a blast!!!  So excited!

What fun summer things are taking on?  Anything as crazy as the HonFest?


Weekly Etsy Finds: Summer Loving

It's summer vacation for students, teachers, and professors alike.  And whether you are going to the beach, backpacking across Europe, Taking an exciting trip to Panama, or just visiting your neighborhood pool, I am sure these Etsy finds will be great in your summer collection.

1. Cashmere Silk Shaw
by Sanchia845
$125 {+shipping}
Destination: Paris, France
It may be summertime, but a shaw can always come in handy.  I use one on plane rides.  It sits in my bag or around my neck if the airport is cold.  When on the plane, I can use it as a blanket or a pillow.  It also works well as a sun blocker on the beach or a stylish accent when in Europe.

2. Handmade Straw Fedora
by Jennfunk
$70 {+shipping}
Destination: South Africa
This is another thing I always have with me on a plane trip.  It is a stylish way to have unruly hair.  When at your destination, it is good to keep the sun from your eyes and avoid drastic sunburns.  I love this one especially because of its detailed band.  Jason Mraz would approve.

3. Upcycled Vintage Blue Suitcase
by Zaq'sVintageandDesign
$70 {+shipping}
Destination: Darjeeling Limited {not really a destination, but you know...}
This vintage suitcase is good because it has hard sides, making it easy to organize and keep it that way.  I love the color and it would fit very well on a train's tiny spaces.

4. Compact Travel Cribbage
by barkupatree
Destination: Family Road Trip to Family Reunion
Every year since we moved to Florida, my family packed up the car and drove 12 hours to a lake in Alabama to spend a long weekend with our large extended family.  This weekend involves lots of card games, food, swimming, etc.  We usually spent the trip on the road brushing up on our card playing and eating boiled peanuts.  This would have been a perfect game for the road.

5. Vintage Inspired Marilyn Swimsuit
by ladramaqueen
Destination: Cannes, France
One pieces, I think, are the best to have at beaches because you don't have to worry.  This one is absolutly beautiful and I would feel like I was Grace Kelly in To Catch a Theif.  One pieces are an must when going to the beach.

6. Vintage Wheat Ruffle Dress
by Allen Company Inc
$38 {+shipping}
Destination: Rome, Italy
This dress, which is one of a kind, would make a nice dress to have in a girl's suitcase.  She can throw it on and run out the door and still feel stylish.  Though it seems like a city dress {Italy, you know, gelatos and Vespas}, it would also make a very nice swimsuit coverup or a plane ride dress.

7. All Natural Milk and Honey Soap
by LilyBaySoap
$4.25 {+shipping}
Destination: Melbourne Beach, Florida
Something about this soap, the look of it maybe, makes me smell the beach: sand in my hair, sunscreen running down my arms, salt in my ears, everything.  It makes me want to take a nice, cool shower.

8. Overboard Necklace
by JMundoDesigns
$50 {plus shipping}
Destination: Ocean City, Maryland
There is something very nautical about Maryland, just like this necklace.  Everyone needs at least one piece of jewelry on her vacation.  Having a necklace that could be both dressy and delicate or go well with a sundress is a travel must.

9. Wooden Pinhole Camera
by Jaesong
$95 {+shipping}
Destination: Prembrokeshire, Wales
Sure, a digital camera is great for recording your vacation, but there is also an art to something a bit different.   The beach in Wales would be a great place to get this baby rolling.

10. My Favorite: Stockholm II
by IkaBags
$27 {+shipping}
Destination: Old Orchard Beach, Maine


A smaller bag that could be used as both a carry on or for a day at the beach.  It is beautifully made and is my favorite out of this compilation.  This kind of tote is a necessity for a beach or lake vacation.

Note: I do not own these images.  They belong to the sellers on Etsy.  Some of the images, I edited the color slightly to fit my aesthetic on the blog.  Please look a the source for the colors and maybe to even buy {I spend a lot of time on these lists for you not buy!  haha}