Weekly Etsy Finds: Father's Day

My dad is not like other dads.  Sure, he works for a car business {Mini Cooper and BMW}, very manly, and likes to jam out to Pink Floyd, but he is actually quite a dandy.  Even though his father was a carpenter, he has a shed full of un touched tools; it's just not his thing.  He is particular about his shoes and looks like Indiana Jones {if only he could grow a moustache}.  In fact, when my parents first met for real, it was Halloween and he was dressed as Indy {my mom was a hillbilly with the that classic bathingsuit with shorts and stripes and a colored in tooth, she and her bff won the contest that night}.  He is a good cook and there was a while when he was Mr. Mom.  Also, he is a part of that clan that believes film > digital cameras.

Here is a list of gifts from Etsy that would be perfect for him or any other dad like mine.

1. Ferrari Authentic Gas Cap Paperweight
by RaceChairs
$249.99 {+shipping}

2. Rolling Stones Start Me Up Wall Clock
by RecordTime
$28.99 {+shipping}

3. Gourmet Spice Rub And BBQ Kit
by PurposeDesign
$16 {+shipping}

4. Another Man's Shoes
by WillowCreekSparrow
$22 {+shipping}

5. Classic Cooper Print
by Vitamini
$15 {+shipping}

6. My Favorite: Work it Camera
by BuyGollyMissMolly
$25 {+shipping}


NOTE: These photos do not belong to me; they are owned by the respective sellers.


abigail said...

I love the spice rub idea. I might have to steal that one.

Mags said...

I love that Mini Cooper print. And that camera really is fabulous.