Happy Weekend, Hon!

{This photo is from defekto's photostream on flickr}

My brother and I agree that Baltimore embraces ugliness.  Not the ugliness you think, but artistic ugliness.  You know, Campiness as opposed to Dandyness.

This weekend is the 2009 HonFest which I am going to for the first time.  This kind of makes up for not doing Halloween last year {which disappointed me greatly}.  What is required to complete the Hon look is a Beehive hairdo {They tried to make me go to rehab but I said...}, somesort of animal print of hibiscus print, horned glasses, and a great Bawlanerese accent.

I have the dress {zebra print}, the glasses, the accent, am going to do the hair, but no shoes!  That I am a bit worried about.  And my neck {which I have strained really badly from doing so many crafts, who woulda thought?}.  A few friends are going along with me and we are going to have a blast!!!  So excited!

What fun summer things are taking on?  Anything as crazy as the HonFest?


gina said...

Is that where you're from- Baltimore?

My mom is from there!
HONFEST! WOO! Looks amazing!


Mary-Laure said...

I hope you'll bring back pics from the HonFest, it sounds fab!!

Abbie L. said...

Go Baltimorons!
{Born, not raised, and now live here}

And I will def. bring back picks!

Lauren K said...

Holy cow that Polaroid is priceless! Love it!