11 Things I Love About Summer, Part 1*


1. Reading whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want with no one expecting me to analyze Steinbeck's lengthy descriptions of the landscape.
2. Curling up in my bed {the cat is on my head at this point} with the AC down low to contrast with the hot day I just spent out on the beach {switch bed with couch, and add a couple of hours of Muder She Wrote, and you've got yourself the perfect afternoon on the beachside}.
3. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream running down my hand as I try my best to eat it before it is totally melted.
4. Wearing nothing but a bathingsuit and a sundress all day long.
5. My refusal to wear flipflops unless they have good arch support.  I would rather go barefoot.
6. The taste of Burt's Bees Lifegaurd's Choice on my lips.  And while we're at it, I love the smell of sunscreen and ocean salt.
7. Getting rid of my speedo tan.
8. How blonde my hair gets
9. Clothes hanging outside on the line to dry.
10. Swimming whenever I get the chance, in the ocean, the gulf, the harbor {only when skiing, I'm not that crazy}, the pool.  Anything.
11. Borrowing ten books from the library and only reading two of them.

I look Naomi's idea to do a feature where I want you to tell me in either an email or a comment 11 reasons {because summer is so good that I decided to kick it up to eleven} why you love summer.  Or what it is about summer that makes you smile and I will choose some to post on here.

*Part 1= what I know.  This year is my first full summer in Baltimore {as an adult}.  Last summer, I did spend some time here but it was mostly stuck in an office twittling my thumbs.  There will be a parts 2 and 3.

Your Dancing Bird,

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Sara said...

Nice! I agree. There are so many things to love about summer. :)