A Little 2008 Recap

{this post was automatically published because I am on my road trip up the east coast.}
{This pretty photo I found via harpy's photostream on flickr.}

Here's a little 2008 recap for the last day of the year:
~My first {and not last} trip to Paris/Europe
~Moved to Baltimore
~Jammed out to Elvis Costello non-stop
~Learned I had dimples like my mom{if I smile real hard}
~Took my last breath in my stinky ol high school
~Had my hair french braided and learned I still looked like I was fourteen
~Laughed a lot
~Filled in my last SAT/AP exam bubble {*phew*}
~Pwned in Rook
~Swam in a lake
~Put on the old ballet shoes and did a few sloppy pirouette {I ingured my knee in tenth grade and hadn't danced since...until this year}
~Screamed my head off on the Mummy ride at Universal
~Became a dark chocolatte lover
~Realized I had a love for fashion and sewing {which also means I started this blog}

And well...the rest is history.


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Joanna Goddard said...

congratulations on a wonderful year! your blog is really lovely.