Make Up, We Make Things Up

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May be making a trip to Sephora this weekend and I want some advice.  I am a usual MAKE UP FOREVER kind of gal, but I am trying to stay on budget.

Here's the question:
What makeup do you buy at Sephora that you like but won't break your budget?
What about just regular Sephora brand stuff?  I use their nailpolish but that is it.
What drug store products would you NEVER go without?

Thanks so much!  Can't wait to hear the responses!



her.she.stephany. said...

Hey I discovered your blog from taza's and I love it! Well some regular dept. store makeup I use is Maybelline Colassal Mascara. It absolutely does wonders on my eyelashes! and it's the only mascara i've sticked too because all others would incessantly clump and whatnot. Another reliable and must-have for me is red lipstick! I use 265 Rouge from Max-Factor , it's inexpensive and stays on the lips. I don't ever leave the house without it!I hope you have an awesome time shopping for make-up!

Meg Fee said...

so one of my jobs just out of school has been working for a make-up company which then led me to spending a ton of time at sephora to try and test things and figure out what i most like.

i am a huge believer that you should splurge on the basics--like foundation. (if you wear it)--get a primer (smashbox has the best--but bare minerals has come out with one that is very similar and that if you use their products you must use the primer because the minerals aren't perfectly spherical and without the primer it's going to create tiny cuts that you won't see all over your face and those cuts over time will spread your pores--does this make sense?

because i have rosacea i use a great primer and the HD foundation (found at sephora) because i need a good matte coverage that looks natural

the smashbox primer isn't cheap but boy oh boy is it worth it.

for mascara: maybelline define-a-lash is great (and a drugstore brand)

one of my absolute favorite lipsticks is sally hansen lip plumping (not the lip gloss kind) this lipstick smooths over time without the burning feeling--hard to find but the occasional cvs or walgreens has it. and its only about 7 dollars

well, this has been too long already, but those are my suggestions!

Sarah said...

I love the Sephora brand lipstick. Goes on so smooth and gorgeous. It's one of the best I've ever used.