Happy Weekend: Summer Is On Its Way

{This is by lovemyashby on flickr}

My summer vacation starts soon which means it's time to start deciding what is really going to happen this summer. Of course, there are always those things I do every summer such as my mother's family reunion. One weekend in July {usually about a week after my brithday}, all 100 or so of my mom's side of the family gathers to a cabin on a lake in Alabama. We laugh, cook, eat, play cards, go swimming in the lake, and all and all build lasting relationships with one another. It is really special, as I get older, to see how the older generations {or the older of my generation because my mom's mom was the youngest, our clan is much younger than the rest of the generation} are starting to treat me like a participating member of society. Also, now that I am older, I know it is important to reach out to the generation two years older because they have plenty of stories to share. All you have to do it just ask.

What is your favorite summer memories that you look forward to each summer? I would really like to know!

also, Naomi over at Rockstar Diaries was kind enough to include me in her happiness series!



Eve said...

u know what? i didnt have to read ur posts...i immediately fell in love with this blog of urs! :O
and haha i will read ur posts, no worries ;)

stephany said...

ahhh... i know exactly what you mean. It's summer: time to relax and have fun. I always look forward to picnics in the park and also my big family get togethers. But my absolute favorite is that i can finally pull out my poofy skirts to wear instead of fussy pants. that's just the best feeling! by the way lovin' your blog!

Cherish Stockdale said...

It would def have to be having my husband home for the summer (he is a teacher) and going to the beach...I love sun shine and sand between my toes. I love your blog :)

Janalyn & Daniel said...

A visitor via Naomi. Your blog is lovely.

And my favorite summer memory would be last July, in Cancun, on a beach with my hubby. I had the perfect sunburn and it was worth it.

I cant wait for a new beach experience this July!

Abbie L. said...

Janalyn {LOVE your name}, coming from Florida, I have to tell you I get the greatest reactions when I say I live on the coast of Florida. I am very fair so all I get is a sunburn and then a few days later it turns into freckles. Which freckles are cute, but I just wish that sometimes I could have some color.