Happy Birthday, Katherine Hepburn


She'd be 102 {died at age 96}!

She was esquisite in "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" which she filmed when she was older.  My first Hepburn film was "African Queen".

What was your first Katherine Hepburn movie?



abigail said...

I remember watching african queen on tv with my dad when I was little and loving it almost as much as he did.

Rudi said...

My first Katherine Hepburn movie was The Philadelphia Story. I watched it with my friend Bowe, who has a beard, and told me every actor's name.

It completely represented everything I expected Katherine Hepburn to be.

Abbie L. said...

Ahh... Philadelphia Story is such a goodie.

I would love to watch a movie with that friend of yours. haha.

Ann Nyberg said...

The Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center and Theater will open this summer in Hepburn's beloved seaside town of Old Saybrook, Connecticut.
Come see what we're all about.

Abbie L. said...

Thanks so much for the insight, Ann!