Ward, I am Very Worried About Beaver {Weekly Etsy Finds}

Okay, okay...I know.  I haven't been on here to really post in a good while.  And I could make excuses like I have been sick as a dog, busy with school, and with church.  But I won't.  Instead I will just treat you with a little June Cleaver.  I am not much of a domestic fan, though I am NOT, I repeat, NOT a feminist.  I think a man deserves to have a supportive wife; my mom resigned from her high status job when I was three to take care of us.  But she was no June Cleaver {I do not believe that a wife has to stay in the kitchen or whatever.  She gets to have options, too, whatever they may be: to stay at home or to work}.  She filled it with music, movies, books, and fun {I stole that little quote from Gilmore Girls from Rory's valedictorian speech}.  Just before bedtime, she would read my two older brothers and I Roald Dahl books such as Matilda and BFG and my personal favorite: James in the Giant Peach.  So this week, with the superbowl and all, I am going to pay a tribute to mothers who chose to stay home {I believe Joanna Goddard's mother did the same as my mother, if I am not mistaken}.  So, behold: Aprons!
Because it is superbowl, many men like to take on the more manly jobs such as grilling the burgers *cue Tim Allen grunt* or doing the chilli.  And it is usually up to the women to do the rest whether it is simply to just lay out chips and salsa or to go all out with pigs in blankets and mini pizzas.  So, whether you are a regular June Cleaver or you're a Working Girl, I am sure these aprons will raise your pretty little eyebrows {unless you're Woopie Goldberg}.

1. Woodland Mushroom Apron
by: Mary Ink
$15.00 {+shipping}
Dish: Funyuns and Brick Oven Pizza
Most people who know me personally know I have a thing for mushrooms.  I don't know, they're so cute.  Remember the dancing mushrooms in Fantasia?  That's what I think of.  Though the price is a little much, and other than the mushrooms, there isn't anything special about it.  But if you want basic with whimsy, then here you go.

2. Bessie Bride to be Apron
by: malphi
Sold Out
Dish: Apple Pie

Yes, this apron is sold out as of January fifth.  However, I do hope this comes back, as well as the maker.  I just adore it!  Probably not very "superbowl", but that's okay.

3. 1920s Reproduction
by: The Way We Wear
$30.00 {+shipping}
Dish: Wheat thins, white cheddar, and cocktail olives {yum!}
I love the twenties.  Enough said.

4. Ladies's Classic Apron
by: Wonderland Ave.
$20.00 {+shipping}
Dish: Pigs in Blankets and Mac n Cheese
Simple, lovely, and floral.  All a girl wants in an apron {plus two little pockets}!

5. Rose Silk Apron with Organza Fill
by: Hopeless
$90.00 {+shipping}
Dish: Petit fours, cucumber sandwiches, scones, tea
You'll be paying a pretty penny for this little apron, but rest assured, it is well taylored.  I had to do a lot of filtering when searching for the perfect apron {because they are easy to make}, and this one jumped out at me.  Granted, it probably won't do much when cooking, more something you wear to look in the mirror.  Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, I think I dig it, despite the price tag.

6. My Favorite: Cafe Apron
by: Down Home Amy
$40.00 {+shipping}
Dish: Good Ol Chili


This is by far my favorite.  I am not fusy and I don't want something I am going to get dirty anyway to be fussy, either.  It is simple with a lovely little cupcake to spice things up.

That's it.

Bon Appetite!


pigeon.toed said...

cafe apron takes the cake! (no pun intended!)

Gina Italia said...

I'll take the Rose silk apron!

Lauren K said...

I just sewed my first apron last week on my new machine and these would have been great inspiration. I love them all!