Happy {Special} Weekend

There is the photo on flickr that put a grin on my face.  Here's the story: I once had a leaf like this on my windshield and I thought it was pretty, but kept on driving. Then almost 20 miles later at my destination I saw it was gone. When I got out of the car, it was still stuck on on of the side windows. The leaf is now safely tucked in my journal.  Do you have any special memory to share?

{This special photo is by harpy on flickr}

Goodies for this weekend:
A great blog that is a good read and lookbook.
Another fun place {p.s. I love the banner...colored glass *le sigh*}
Here's a great Christmas gift *hint hint*
Doesn't this look cozy?

{that's goodbye in Hungarian}

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Leigh said...

Those simple things are so beautiful!


Have a great weekend:)