You Say It's Your Birthday!

Two very important people in my life share a birthday today! My father (who can now get cheap coffee at McDonalds) and my brother's fiance, Bethany. Happy Birthday, you two!
{I found the photograph via PEEJ0E on flickr}


Michelle Parks McCourt said...

Fun picture..

Karencilla said...

Hi Abbie I agree! Hugh is great. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm adding yours at my blog list, i love yours.
Btw, the name that appear at your blog list is Little Sweehearts, actually it's Little Sweet Hearts. It was all my fault! I was so dumb that I wrote it wrong =( Thanks

Abbie, Syncopation said...

Karencilla: It's fixed! And thanks!

Karencilla said...

Thanks so much I'm sorry for bothering you! =)

...love Maegan said...

you have some absolutely gorgeous photos on your blog ....oh and Happy Birthday to your special people!

Abbie, Syncopation said...

to love Maegan:
I know! I just love matching photos to my mood and little blurbs.