Tea, I Drink With Jam and Bread {Weekly Etsy Finds}

So it's getting colder.  Sure, coffee is great for a morning boost, but at night when your sitting by the fire with a good book, a great cup of tea would be devine.  And what is tea without an amazing tea cup?  I have matched each teacup with a book.  Here are my weekly Etsy finds:

1. Moustache Tea Cup and Saucer- Silver Rim
by Suryasajnani
$12 {+shipping}
Book: The Importance of Being Earnest
Most People probably know that Oscar Wilde was quite the dandy.  In fact, he was probably created the word.  What is a dandy? you ask.  A dandy is a man who is very concerned in his appearance.  But there is nothing campy about him.  What I think of when I hear the word dandy is a man with a top hat, a moustache {much like this one}, and a dire need to curl it with his finger everytime he delights himself with his gift of wit.  Just to clear things up: click on this.

2. Elegant, Hand painted Personalized Cup
by Hilaria Galleries
$10 {+shipping}
Book: Anne of Green Gables
When I was younger, my mother used to read Anne of Green Gables to me all the time.  We were probably the ones responsible for the library VHS to skip because we rented it so much.  There is something so quaint about Anne it is hard to describe.  This mug does it well, though.

3. Anchor Medium Cup
by Andrea Yates
$12 {+shipping}
Book: Master and Commander
Okay, I admit.  I have only seen the movie.  It's my Navy brother's top books and movies.  If a man in your life urges you to give it a try, I am sure these Vintage Navy China Inspired cups would be good company.

4. Canyon Cowboy Tea Cup
by Esther Coombs
$60 {+shipping}
Book: A Walk Two Moons
A Walk Two Moons was {and still is} my favorite book as a fifth and sixth grader.  I reread it not to long ago and fell in love with its story all over again.  It is quite lovely: you will laugh, cry, and even find your chest begin to collide at its climax.  This regional tale {bias toward Western culture} is simple yet beautiful just like this lovely little teacup.

5. Tea Bag Tea Spoon Cup and Saucer
by Bailey Doesn't Bark
$53 {+shipping}
Book: My Fair Lady
My favorite Audrey Hepburn movie and currently on my bookshelf.  My Fair Lady is just as fun to read as it is to watch.  My copy of the play twice as old as I am, so it could use a little repair.  Still, though there is something so satirical and lighthearted about this nautrally decadent tail.  A Grand Laugh!  Just like this teacup.

6. Typewriter Monogram Mugs
by Berd and Bee
$20 {+shipping}
Book: Fahrenheit 451
Did you know the point of this book was not to oppose censorship, but so Ray Bradbury could express his devote love for libraries and books against the developing media?  It's true.  And it makes me adore the book more than I did the first time I read it.  Great mugs.  I want one myself.  You will be seeing Berd and Bee on my blog again, no doubt about it.

7. Clover Cup, frost
by Kieffer Ceramics
$56 {+shipping}
Book: Pride and Prejudice
What goes together better than a cup of tea and Jane Austen?  Nothing!  Curl up with the best girl book in the universe {in my humble opinion} and this teacup.  It is bound to be a lasting relationship.  Can't you just imagine Elizabeth and Jane having their tea together with this set of teacups?  I can.

8. My Favorite Lotus Tea Cup
by soule
$34 {+shipping}
Book: The Time Traveler's Wife
This book is probably one of the greatest love stories of our time.  There is that elegance yet modernist feel about it.  Lovely, yet not over done like the Regency time period Jane Austen lived in.  It has to have that feel: Henry is forced to travel to different time periods, often leaving Clair alone.  Their encounters are impossible to tell you about.  Just read the book.  With this amazingly gorgeous teacup.  {ps, Rachel McAdams is Clair in the film adaptation}



pigeon.toed said...

thanks for finding the mustache tea cup! i do post on mustache'd items and this is perfect!

Prêt à Voyager said...

great collection! i hope you plan on having tea time within the hour ;) good luck, english woman!


Lila said...

those are all so charming! it makes me want to have a tea party.

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

This is just great, I read the post with a smile!! Thank you.

Aisha said...

I like cups # 1, 4 and 5!
Nice blog.

Lauren K said...

Such great mugs! As soon as you mentioned a mustache and dandy post on my blog I had to hop right over and check it out. Love it!

theyellowbucket said...

such lovely finds i want them all!

Hilaria Galleries said...

ah! thanks for the post on my little cup--hilarious that you say it reminds you of Anne of Green Gables. I LOVE that movie! In fact, I just rented it from the library this week. I haven't seen it since I was a little girl. Great minds think alike, I guess..

liz davison said...

wonderful selection of tea cups !! i especially love the lotus cup :)