Confession #7: I Feel Most Comfortable in a Swimsuit

{Beautiful photo by i.Anton on flickr.}

Thanks to being on the swim team and my long inhabitance in Florida.  Plus, I am just not a fan of all of those layers of clothes.

What about you?  What kind of clothing do you like to hang around in?



alissa said...

long shirts. not sure why - but whenever i wear a few certain shirts of mine, i feel much better proportioned?

im heading to florida in a few weeks for vacation! sooo ready :) any tips on south beach send them my way!

Stephani Bryant said...

First off, I adore your writing! Can't wait to read more! And Second, I feel most comfy wearing boy short undies, and a super soft v-neck t (in black, white is a bit over rated) that is just a bit too bit. I can't wear it all over town, but its great for getting sun in the hammock!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy hanging around in giant hoodies and trackuit bottoms ...the more layers the better, pour moi!lol!

Abbie L. said...

Alissa, I've only been to South Beach {as an adult} three or four times because it is a good four hours drive {Florida is a very LONG state}. Once when I was stuck in Miami because I missed my flight to Paris {I got there eventually} so I have a strong distaste for Miami.

However, I have spent some wonderful moments on the beach during the off months {Fall} when it wasn't crowded with South Beach Babes. There isn't much I can tell you other than to take a driving trip through Coral Gables. Trust me. {they also have this amazing swimming pool there made out of coral or something.}

I do, however, have some childhood memories there. My uncle's mother lived there and my brothers and I would sometimes spend weekends there. She would make us these ham sandwiches {which I hated, but ate anyway} and we would sleep in her livingroom that was transformed from a porch on these really neat couches she called Hollywood couches. I have one very similar, and let me tell you, they aren't as cool as I remember.

Remembering my last trip there, to my grandmother in laws {I guess you would say} funeral, we went to this great old dime store. You know how back in the fifties they used to have the dime store with the diner on the side? Well it's still there, and do they searve a mean Cuban sandwich or what!?! On the side wall, it is filled with writing with magic marker that people wrote. I wrote "I'll be back." I can't remember the name of the place, but I'll ask my dad, and he may remember. If you go, look for my little message on the wall.

Anyway, the one advice I can give you is take lots of pictures and ask locals {coffee shop cashiers etc.} where are some neat places to hang out or shop. Miami is such an estranged city. So, good luck!

Hope I helped!

alissa said...

thanks! thats great help - i will definitely take a ton of pictures