11 Things I Love About Summer, Part II

{photo by clumsy bird on flickr}

This Part is about Summer in the City, what I had to get used to and what was easy to get used to.

1. The jokes surrounding tentanus shots and swimming in the Baltimore Harbor
2. Being able to walk places without absolutly dying of heat.  It was hot, yes, but not deadly.
3. Pointing out all of the tourists to my untrained friends
4. Free movie nights outside
5. All the amazing music in Historic Fells Point
6. The Farmer's Market
7. Having fun, crazy, adventurous nights with company {ie random pizza outings, museum crashing, dancing in the streets, etc.}
8. It not getting dark until 8:30 at night
9. Random pick up games of ultimate frisbee
10. Having gelato by the side for instant quenching
11. Awesome hours spent going through CDs and Albums at the Sound Garden

Yes, I can get used to Summer in the City.  Yes, Florida has its beaches that are a short drive's away, but when driving is unnecessary, plans don't have to be so taught.  Things are flexible and any shenanigans can happen.



Sara said...

and my birthday!!! I am an August baby :)

Anonymous said...

I love outdoor movies ....well when the weathers nice, lol!!!!
We normally have them in Dublin's cultural quarter Temple Bar during the summer but they didn't happen this year for some reason *sigh*

Dallas Shaw said...

i was just at a small pub that looked just like this